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Fan Tips Personal Creator Feeds

Want to see posts from a certain creator only? Simply click their name in pink to view their personal feed. Once the feed is loaded, simply scroll through all their posts and see if there’s something for you to enjoy! #Fan Tips #HowTo #Support

Fan Tips

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Fan Tips How To DM Creators

You can connect with creators directly from the ATV Feed! Simply look for a “DM me” button on a creator feed post and click it. This will bring up a chat session with the creator and you can start typing your thoughts. If you want special attention, make sure you tip the creator using the gold coin button next to the send message icon 👍🏻 #Fan Tips #HowTo #Support

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Fan Tips Click Green Avatar To Connect

On the ATV Feed, we want to make it easy for fans to connect with creators. When you see a creator with a green avatar, simply click and it’ll connect you to the creator’s Direct Message Box. Simply click the icon and start typing your message! Remember to use the Gold Tip button to show your support for the creator ❤️ #Fan Tips #HowTo #Support

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Fan Tips Search The Creators

We have made a page for you to see all of the creators who are available. Simply click the “VIP ICON” on the menu bar to use the creators page. From here you can view the creator’s feed posts or message them directly. #Fan Tips #HowTo #Support

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Fan Tips How To Follow

You can customise the ATV Feed to your tastes by following the creators you like! Click the creator’s name in pink to view their personal feed and press follow. You can follow as many creators as you like. Once you have done this, press the “following” button on the menu bar. Here you will see all the people you are following and you can press “View my feed” and isolate the posts from the people you follow 👍🏻 #Fan Tips #HowTo #Support

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Fan Tips Unlock Content

It is so easy to unlock content from the ATV feed! Make sure you buy a credit pack first starting at just $10 USD! Once you have got credits, you can unlock content from the ATV feed and tip creators in the DM box 🤑 #Fan Tips #HowTo #Support

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